A Wrexham & Shropshire Train set of newly refurbished coaches now undergoing operational test-running

Freight Operations

Renaissance Trains offers thorough experience in freight operations, which in terms of the process for securing track access rights has much in common with the open access passenger operators.

Winning track access rights requires careful judgement of the chosen operating characteristics of the train. Decisions about gross weight, length, starting load and speed characteristics of the traction, as well as the payload tare relationship of the wagons are keep factors in winning paths on an increasingly crowded railway.

Renaissance Trains also has detailed knowledge of the new freight multiple unit concept and enjoys a close relationship with the strategic consultants First Class Partnerships Limited who acted as forwarding agents for Forest Enterprise (Wales) in a sustained trial using these vehicles in Central Wales during 2005.

The rail freight market through Europe is currently undergoing major structural change with an expansion in the number of UK based operators and these companies establishing operating divisions in European countries.

Renaissance Trains has the skills and experience to carry out track access negotiations and take responsibility for rail operations in both UK and European markets. Additionally, the close working relationship with First Class Partnerships Limited also provides access to a pool of consultancy expertise is all aspects of freight operational and commercial work including grant applications, and economic benefit evaluation.